They come in different form of colors and function

Customers can choose from a range of decorative additions to customize our dispensers: Simply select your preferred colour from our RAL color chart (exclusive for the Profi Line), choose from one of our various surface designs or select different gloss levels in our Rainbow edition.

Duplex process: e- and powder coating*


Approved by the car industry, the e-coating has excellent anti-corrosion properties. This very special dip coating produces a homogeneous black surface that is also suitable for visible parts. The combination of the two coatings produces an extremely high impact resistance and creates the prerequisite for design and customization options.

Powder coating

In this coloring process, color pigments are evenly applied to the surface of the dispensers using electrical field forces and baked on. The result is impressively durable and perfectly even colored surface.

*For Exclusive Line and Elegance Line

Fine-structured surface

Fine structure - along with smooth - is an increasingly popular surface finish. The fine structure leads to interesting light gradients on the surface due to the peaks and valleys in the finish, giving an impression of very high quality. Fine-textured surfaces are just as easy to clean as smooth surfaces.

3D-Logo Design SEPABRANDING by chemprox

Before powder coating, the dispenser is masked with the desired logo and lettering. After the powder coating, the masking is removed and a separate black surface is created which is distinct both to the eye and to the touch. That's how the 3D effect arises. Using a special foiling process, we can also apply your logo and design wishes to create a coloured 3D look.

We named our highly decorative method SEPABRANDING.

Black Motive

Colour Motive

Your product, your choice

You have so many opportunities to create a customized design for your disinfection dispenser. We will be pleased to advise you personally.