Uncompromisingly high-quality materials - Made in Germany

Our disinfectant dispensers represent exceptionally high value and quality and stand for authenticity and luxury. To sum up, they're exclusive products made in Germany.


High-quality raw materials

The most impressive about our dispensers is their quality. Depending on the model, the material is either high-quality aluminium, steel, panes or stainless steel. They're easy to use, extremely robust and eye-catcher. All disinfectants tubes are made of durable silicone.

Conscious decision for local sourcing

We source locally. Our suppliers use metals of the highest grade and quality.

Surface finishing

Using a specially combined lacquering process, our dispensers are resistant and durable: Depending on the model, the basis for this is effective and long-lasting corrosion protection using KTL coating (cathodic dip painting with black lacquer) or electrolytic galvanising. The final powder coating gives each dispenser a solid decorative surface, which simultaneously provides impact- and additional corrosion protection.

Thanks to their multi-layered design, they are high weather and temperature resistance. Our disinfectant dispensers are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Note that, our ELEGANCE LINE deluxe edition and the entire EXCLUSIVE LINE are fine structured surface.