Distaflux disinfectant dispenser

safety and hygiene with style

Our disinfectant dispensers are made of high-quality materials and thus only ensure your safety for long time and reliably, but also highly customizable. This makes you a real eye-catcher and stylish accessory for a wide range of applications-naturally Made in Germany.

The advantages of Distaflux at a glance

Distaflux disinfectant dispensers are available in three product lines for many purposes and in different designs. We not only value the highest quality but also ensure you get a very individual product that fit seamlessly into the design of the place where it is used.

Made in Germany

High-quality materials and an uncompromising processing quality ensure the reliability and durability of our products.

Low maintenance

The Distaflux disinfectant dispensers are easy to clean, and thanks to their mechanical design, do not depend on a power connection.

Intuitive to use

Easy to use with the elbow or foot (depending on the model), without complicated controls. The disinfectant container can be changed quickly and easily.


The disinfectant dispenser can be adapted to your corporate design concept you’re your company logo and individual paint/coating/film.

Long usage intervals

Depending on the model, up to 20,000 disinfectant releases can be achieved with one filling. The disinfectant can be dosed variably.

For indoors and outdoors

Thanks to their high weather and temperature resistance, our disinfectant dispensers are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Ready for Immediate use

Free-standing models can be set up anywhere and used immediately-easy assembly or anchoring for permanently installable models.

Buy or Rent

You can`t just buy Distaflux. We have rental devices for our PROFI-LINE range includes dispensers for hire, which are perfect for events, for example.

Our answer to the new normal

The corona virus pandemic has shown us all how the vulnerable our everyday social and business life is. We also hope that the several safe vaccines will be soon be approved and that we will be able to live and work more freely and self-determinedly again, even if some innovations and changes will remain after COVID-19. Improved hygiene concepts will be an indispensable means for all companies in order to be able to actively protect themselves and their employees from the viruses and bacteria.

Because the next flu is bound to come. In this new normal, hygiene should be made possible with style. We therefore expand our portfolio to include high-quality disinfectant dispensers and hand disinfectants with moisturizing and caring substances based on alcohol.

  • DESI-POINT Desinfektionsmittelspender

Elegance Line

Available in different colors, also with your company logo and company colors.

  • DESI-POINT Desinfektionsmittelspender

Exclusive Line

Free standing with foot or back anchoring on wall operation by foot pedal-no hand contact needed.

Available in different colors also with company logo and company colors.

  • Die PROFI LINE: Geeignet für Feucht- und Nassräume, sowie Produktionsbetriebe

Profi Line

Suitable for damp and wet rooms or areas.

Very suitable for production companies.

Customers who have placed their trust in us


"The three high-quality and visually appealing dispensers that we use fit perfectly into our newly renovated and modern office and everything continues to look like it was "all of a piece". Our customers and guests also understand the operation straight away and regularly ask us about the special and appropriate design."

Dominic Johannknecht

Chief Executive Officer


"Super design! The dispenser is real eye-catcher and has been extremely well received by our clients. Easy to operate with foot pedal, which makes a power connection completely unnecessary. A brilliant product, which considerably simplifies the handling of our hygiene concept."


tax consultant


"Functionality meets design: the disinfectant dispenser has everything dispenser needs. The workmanship is of a very high quality and easy to use. Thanks to the 500 ml Euronorm bottle, you remain flexible with regard to the choice of disinfectant and container size. Anyone who has ever faced delivery bottlenecks with refill systems will appreciate this. The design is timelessly classic and we have chosen it to match company colors in stone grey. No comparison to the common plastic models, great value for money!"

Dr. Silvia Wagner

Managing Director